Bohemian-Inspired Home Accessories & Decor

Give your home an authentic bohemian feel and inspire your creativity. Shop the home collection at Spell & The Gypsy Collective to find unique gypsy home décor pieces that create a beautiful boho aesthetic in your home. With our home collection, you can surround yourself with items that suit you and your own personal style. Decorating your home in your bohemian style will help you feel more comfortable and happier to be in your house or apartment. Even the freest of spirits have to land at home some days. Make sure those days of recovery are as cozy and pleasing as possible by giving your home a gypsy makeover with our home collection.

In addition to traditional décor items, our home collection features a number of truly lovely beach towels. These towels feature some of our popular signature prints that were hand-drawn by our dedicated designers. The also feature tassel detailing on the edges and are made of high-quality, super-absorbent fabric. There is a color and design that’s sure to appeal to every taste. Get one to keep in your car or backpack for unexpected beach days or picnics. Or just keep it at home for your impromptu sunbathing sessions. Either way, we’re sure you’ll be pleased with any one of these striking towels.

Just like our clothing and accessories, the Spell & The Gypsy Collective home collection has been specially-designed with free spirits like you in mind. We want to make every part of your life mesh with your creative gypsy soul. That means that we create things that we hope will bring joy and beauty into your life. We hope that you will wear our clothes proudly because they make you feel beautiful. We also hope that our décor products will make your house feel like home. If you order some bohemian home décor today, you’ll be granted free shipping worldwide on orders over $150. You’ll also have the option to return anything you purchase within the first 30 days.