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Sale All
Coyote Cap Sleeve Playsuit Sale!
Coyote Cap Sleeve Playsuit

$105.00 USD $149.00 USD

Dusty Road Slouchies Sale!
Dusty Road Slouchies

$59.00 USD $99.00 USD

The Nomad Faux Fur Jacket Sale!
The Nomad Faux Fur Jacket

$105.00 USD $209.00 USD

Prairie Lace Cami Sale!
Prairie Lace Cami

$45.00 USD $85.00 USD

Lucy in the Sky Jumpsuit Sale!
Lucy in the Sky Jumpsuit

$80.00 USD $135.00 USD

Lucy in the Sky Bells Sale!
Lucy in the Sky Bells

$69.00 USD $115.00 USD

Bond Girl Mini Sale!
Bond Girl Mini

$100.00 USD $205.00 USD

Sale All

Need a quick refresh for your wardrobe? Get a few discounted items from our sale collection to up your boho style game in just a few clicks. At Spell & The Gypsy Collective, we’re always coming up with new ideas for the hottest modern gypsy fashions. That means that when we release our new collections, we’re able to sell some of our existing designs at discount prices. So although these items aren’t out of style by any means, you’re getting incredible savings on exclusive Spell Designs just by being a savvy shopper.

You’ll find a wide variety of items in our sale collection depending on what’s available at the moment. It could include all kinds of gypsy clothing, from dresses and rompers to shorts and skirts. Plus, our accessories and jewelry may be featured as well. Check back regularly to see what’s on sale to score some great fashion deals from Spell & The Gypsy Collective.