Our Embellishments Factory


Delhi, India



Number of Employees


Youngest Employee

18 Years Old

They weaved magic with

Our sequin story

1. About the owner

A friend introduced us to husband-and-wife factory owners Himanshu and Vandana and on meeting them we were very excited to have two very passionate and creative business people as part of our team. Having established their original factory in 1999, Vandana looks after the sampling and Himanshu looks after the production and the two of them preside over their factory like proud parents. Birthdays are celebrated with cakes and singing and Vandana is always on hand to offer a motherly word when one of her team comes to her for advice. It feels like a family, and we’re proud to have them as part of our own.

2. What do they specialise in?

This factory produces the most incredible hand-worked beading and embroidery that we’ve come across. No matter how much time we spend with Vandana and Himanshu’s team of master sewers, we still find it amazing to watch these intricate designs come alive before our very eyes. Every time we’re there we pull out our phones and start filming the artisans swift hands at work, it’s quite incredible to watch their speed and precision!

3. Why we chose them

It’s rare enough to find a factory capable of performing delicate handwork, let alone one that’s both ethically accredited (two times over) and a lovely place to work. Yet that’s just what Vandana and Himanshu have created with their factory. The quality and intricacy of the designs being produced by their team continue to open up new creative opportunities for our design team. The pride they take in their work could only ever come from a genuine love of what they do, and this passion is always something we’re drawn to.