A manufactured regenerated fiber, made from purified cellulose from a variety of plants, known as a semi-synthetic fibre. Rayon is favoured due to its incredible drape and soft handle.

Rayon weakens while wet so the best washing method is to handwash or wash on a delicate cycle with a cold to luke warm water temperature. It is best left to lay flat to dry out of direct sunlight. This will prolong the lifecycle of your garment and reduce it's environmental impact.

Rayon in our designs

Standard Rayon - our standard rayon takes us right back to Spell beginnings, showcasing our vibrant prints and voluminous styles in this breathable floaty fabric, this is one of our all time favourites & a regular go to when designing. Used recently in styles such as Lovebird Midi Dress and Half Moon Gowns, Pandora, Folk Town Play Dresses and Maxi skirts and as far back as our Desert Wanderer styles.

Fine Rayon - this lightweight Rayon is soft and buttery, with a vintage feel. The lightness of this fabric boasts a more textured appearance (not as flat as standard rayon) and is perfect for warmer weather. Used in styles such as Kombi sundress and blouse.

Fine Rayon with Lurex thread - as above but with the added touch of metallic thread woven into the fabric, this beautiful fine rayon allows for delicate drapey styles that leave you feeling like like you stepped out of the 1960s. Used in styles such as the Oracle Maxi Dress, Oracle Midi Skirt

Rayon Fujet - A heavier textural Rayon Crepe, a go to for our more structured styles, whilst still holding a beautiful drape. Used in such styles as Blue skies Bomber Jacket, Lolita Maxi Split Skirt and Etienne Fitted Bells.


We use Nylon in many of our lace collections as it has a silky handle but is extremely strong, and can therefore we made into the thin and flowy vintage inspired laces we love. Nylon is a man-made polymide, naturally occurring polyamides include wool and silk. The persistent nature of nylon means that it is infinitely recyclable. Nylon dries quickly, does not crease and does not need to be ironed.

Nylon in our designs

Used across our Rhiannon Lace range.


Cotton is a soft and fluffy cellulose plant fiber, grown in Egypt, India, China, and southern U.S. & is one of the oldest fibers in production, being traditionally used as a garment textile for many years for its durable and absorbent properties. Although Cotton does withstand high washing temperatures, the most sustainable way to wash your cotton garment is in luke warm water with a plant based laundry wash and then hang to dry out of direct sunlight, remember that around 60% of impact happens during washing and drying of your clothing.

Cotton in our designs

Cotton Embroidery - we often use cotton as a base in our Embroidered styles, it is luscious and airy with a beautiful soft handfeel, perfect for those white vintage feel pieces Used in Magnolia Story and Folklore blouses.

Pima Cotton - our Pima cotton tees are soft and buttery, often stone washed for an extra soft handful. With an eye to both ethical production and sustainability we produce all our Pima Cotton garments in a WRAP approved factory in Peru where the Pima cotton is also produced. Used in the Desert Lights Tee and Sun ’N’ Sand Cropped Tank.


Both Rayon and Viscose are manufactured using the same process, however Viscose is made primarily from wood pulp. As with Rayon, this is known as a semi-synthetic fiber. Viscose often has a cotton like appearance and is known for its luxurious drape. Viscose Crepe (high twisted yarn) is known for its beautiful textural appearance and sometimes pebbly hand-feel.

Viscose is unpredictable when wet and care should be taken to follow the wash care provided with each garment, this will ensure your garment has a long happy life!

VISCOSE in our designs

Heavy Viscose - a heavier Viscose Moss Crepe, we use this fabric for its soft textural appearance. Used in such styles as Blueskies Wrap Maxi Dress, the Wild Horses Lounge collection and most memorably for our Xanadu Boho Maxi Dress.

Thin Viscose - a lightweight, slightly sheer viscose crepe, often used as a more price pointed alternative to slightly sheer silks. We love how this fabric drapes and how the light plays with it, showing a hint of what is beneath whilst leaving something to the imagination ;) This fabric is more expensive for us to use because of its narrow length on the roll. Used in Styles such as our Lovebird Blouse and Kiss the Sky Gowns.

Viscose Crepe - with its soft but granular surface, this fabric drapes beautifully whilst the texture adds depth to the appearance. Used in styles such as the the Isla Bonita Romper, Isla Bonita Kimono, Babushka maxi, mini and blouses.

Viscose Jersey - we often use Viscose in our Tees as we love the lightweight drape this fabric offers Used in styles such as Easy Rider Raglan, Folk Town Tee and Raglan, Black Magic Singlet.

SPANDEX | Elastane

We use Spandex blended into our Intimates fabric as it creates a lightweight, soft, flexible fabric with incredible shape retention. Did you know that Spandex can be stretched to more than 500% without breaking!

SPANDEX | Elastane in our designs

Used in all our Intimates bralettes and bloomers.