Our Organic Cotton Farm & Mill


Chincha, Peru


Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), USDA Organic, EU Organic

Number of Employees

435 farmers & processing facility employs 52 workers

Youngest Employee

18 Years Old

They weaved magic with

Our Organic Tees!

About the owner

Our organic cotton farm and mill are the pioneers of organic cotton in Peru and were the first company in Latin America to be certified under GOTS. Their passion for organics is infectious and this can be seen throughout the entire operation and team, who fully embrace the philosophy. They are proud to support over 160 families across three regions of Peru. When listening to Orlando speak about why this team work so hard to move Peruvian farmers from conventional cotton farming practices to organic, you can’t help but feel compelled to join their movement. He tells us how it not only impacts the environment but the lives of the farmers - farmers like Pedro and Leoncio and their wonderful teams who we met on our recent trip to Peru. The move from conventional cotton is not an easy one for the farmers, in the initial years their yields are lower which in turn creates doubt and concern, but Orlando and his team support the farmers through this offering donations, organic compost, and help within the community.

Their skills and craftsmanship

These guys are the masters of organic pima cotton production. From the farmers who hand pick the cotton, to the ginning facility & the yarn spinners, the utmost care is taken to ensure the yarn produced is of the most beautiful quality. We were particularly interested in how the organic farming process works with nature to deliver healthy, prosperous yields. They control pests using natural trap techniques and rotate the cotton with corn to create a natural balance of bugs that help to keep the pests at bay, completely eliminating the need to use nasty chemicals at all.

Our partnership

We knew we were in good hands when we partnered with this farm. They manage their cotton supply chain in accordance with GOTS. From the hundreds of organic cotton farms to the ginning and yarn spinning facilities. Their GOTS certification guarantees tractability, so to ensure every single cotton fibre in our t-shirts is 100% certified organic. Why organic? Because it has ¼ of the impact of conventional cotton and up to a 60% reduction in greenhouse gases! However, it was during our recent visit we were truly astonished to see first-hand the benefits of organics. By avoiding GMO seed and synthetic chemicals, farmers work with nature in a far more holistic manner to ultimately improve ecosystems. So, the farm, the farmers, local community and ultimately our planet) are better off.