Our Wovens Partner


Jaipur, India


SEDEX Smeta 2, OCS (Organic Content Standard)

Number of Employees


Youngest Employee

19 Years Old

They weaved magic with

Scorpio, Sayulita Kaftans

About the owner

Navin and Avneet are a warm and welcoming husband and wife duo based in Jaipur, India. When we met we struck up an instant friendship, and now Navin has our team crying with laughter every time we meet. While in India we often visit both their home and factory, and they also visit us here in Byron Bay to discuss designs and production. Their playful relationship is beautiful to see and it resonates through their entire team.

Their Skills & Craftsmanship

Navin and Avneet have built a large family with the people they employ in India, many of the people have worked there for most of their working lives and it is understandable why they choose to stay. Avneet prides herself on her conscientious work practice and making a positive difference in the life of others, as seen in her involvement in with local artisan groups. They and their team share our values around ethics and transparency and when it comes to sustainability, they are paving the way towards a zero-waste factory floor.

Our partnership

Theirs is one of the larger factories we work with but walking around the factory floor, the family feeling is still all around. Their factory is ethically certified to SEDEX – SMETA. So, all the workers are treated in accordance to the highest international standards, which we can clearly see in the positive atmosphere throughout the entire organization. The factory are also accredited with OCS (Organic Content Standard) which ensures and verifies 95-100% organic material in the final product and tracks the flow of the raw material from its source to the final product.