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Jaipur, India


World Fair-trade Organization

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Youngest Employee

18 Years Old

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Stargazer Jewellery

About our partner

Our jewellery is handcrafted by a small Artisan group, lead by Mr Arun Biswas who has been passing on the traditions of silversmithing for over 25 years. We connected with this talented group through the incredible work of the Fairtrade organization SETU .

Their skills and craftsmanship

From the beginning of our brand, the art of hand crafting was important to us, and our first creations were handmade jewellery. Working with these Artisans in India felt like coming back to our origins, watching our intricate designs come to life whilst knowing our work together supports a tradition and craft that maintains a family’s livelihood.

Our partnership

This artisan group, among others, was mentored by our fairtrade jewellery partner & bridge to Artisans, SETU, in Jaipur India. Their aim is to help marginalized artisan communities develop their skillsets and build sustainable livelihoods. Workshops also provide awareness of safe working practices, ensuring a better working environment for Arun and his team.

Having migrated from the drought and flood affected area of West Bengal, Arun is illiterate and would have found it difficult to find work in Jaipur had it not been for this mentorship. And now, with his expertise in jewellery production honed over the past quarter century, he gives back to the community through sharing his expertise with similarly uneducated youth, empowering them to find rich livelihoods whilst ensuring his trade is handed down to another generation.