Journey into the depths of Spell's bohemian world and a chronicle of the creative journey so far in our hard cover table book, Spell & The Gypsy Collection; Our Story. The book is filled with stunning imagery, page by page, breathing life and tangibility to imagery which has only ever lived in the digital world. Each page is a curated selection of Isabella and Elizabeth's favorite photo shoots, as well as the personal, raw store of the brand from the market days to today.

The 230 page hard cover coffee table book is a collectors piece pr a perfect gift, presenting the essence of Spell on each page. Experience their visual world with gorgeous lift outs with the Spell signature prints, postcards, maps and little surprises along the way. This book is one if Isabella and Elizabeth's proudest achievements to date, as they are both avid mood-board creators and journal keepers, and a beautiful memoir such as this is allowing a piece of them to be part of their beautiful Spell community's homes.