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Lisa & Emily

Lisa & Emily

Our Byron muse Lisa (aka @lisadanielle__) journeyed across the globe to bucket list destination, the Maldives... but untraditionally her bestie Emily (aka @emelinaah) crashed her honeymoon and joined in on this amazing adventure to the beautiful Kanuhura Resort - the perfect location for light threads and swimwear. Read on for their packing tips, how to travel with your friend and more. Find us under the palm trees…
First of all, we have to ask what everyone is thinking - why did you decide to invite Emily on your honeymoon, Lisa? Or did Emily crash it for real?

Lisa: Of course she crashed it! Haha nah Emmi and I LOVE travelling together, and we always had the idea of a ‘buddymoon’ as an excuse for another trip together, and we both feel that having friends to share your travel experiences with is so special!! So my new hubby and I had a relaxing week by ourselves first and then they joined us at the end - it was the best!! Her wedding is next year, I can’t wait for her honeymoon in Italy… haha!

Why the Maldives?

Lisa: The Maldives is the one place everyone dreams of going at least once in their lifetime, but deep down you also think it will probably never happen. We decided it was the perfect place for a tropical honeymoon, somewhere so beautiful and relaxing after the stresses of planning a wedding! Our original plan was to go on an adventure to India, but we are soo glad we opted for the incredibly breathtaking islands of the Maldives.

Was the Maldives what you expected?

Lisa: Yes it was pretty much exactly what I expected!! Actually it was better, as we saw so much incredible wildlife on our trip from Turtles, to a pod of Mantarays, to colourful fish and also sharks! Also the food at our resort was out of this world!

What should we pack if we're going there?

Lisa: Bikinis, sunscreen, a straw hat, a camera and a tripod (there aren’t many other people around so that’s how you can get in the shots), some light linen threads and some special summery outfits for cocktail hour! Oh and also an underwater camera if you have one!!

What is your favourite piece from the new collection?

Lisa: My favourite is the Winona Cami and Winona Midi Skirt in Berry. I loved pairing these together and wearing them separately. They are so feminine, light and beautiful!

Emily: I am very fond of the Cloud Dancer shorts - they go with everything!

What is your go-to beauty product for a tropical destination like the Maldives?

Emily: Olaplex !!! My hair turns into a grain of sand from the Sahara desert when I'm in and out of salt water everyday. My hair would be a bob without olaplex !

Lisa: My go-to beauty product was a hydration thermal spring water spray by Avène - this was so perfect after swimming in the ocean and being in the sunshine. It made me feel so fresh! Also I loved using my Mecca lip gloss/stain to hydrate my lips and for a pop of colour!

We saw you stayed at Kanuhura, Maldives - what was your favourite part about it?

Emily: Am allowed to say everything? Is that an option ?

Lisa: My favourite part was staying in the water villas!! They were right out on the bright turquoise water and each morning we woke up to the pastel sunrise from our dreamy soft bed. It was absolute magic! I also loved riding our bikes around the island barefoot to all of the different restaurants and bars (don’t even get me started on the buffet). The activities were also incredible, my favourites were snorkelling, the sunset cruise with the Maldivians playing us beautiful traditional music on the rooftop, the outdoor cinema, the private boat trip to a small island with a beach fire cooked lunch and the romantic fire light dinner they set up for us on the last night. Okay that was more than one, I really could go on and on!

How do you travel with your bestie so often - what is the key to keeping it calm?

Emily: It helps that we are both influencers so we're able to work together a lot - which makes everything 10 times more fun! And the key is to pick a bestie that compliments your personality - for example lis is the zen to my crazy, the sweet to my sassy and the organisation to my chaos. That helps a lot.

Lisa: We travel so well together because we have quite opposite personalities, she is the crazy and I am the calm. Trying to keep Emily calm is not an easy task, she is hilariously dramatic at the sight of a spider, let alone being in a scary situation while travelling! But if anything happens, we just laugh it off and carry on :) We love travelling together because we share the same strong passion for travelling and exploring new places and cultures. We appreciate every bit of beauty and will both cry at the sight of a beautiful view or a special moment (pathetic right?)

Number one travel accessory?

Emily: Camera- duh

Lisa: Of course my camera! But also noise cancelling headphones, a laptop full of movies (for transit time) and a straw basket (because - cute).

Where to next for you both?

Emily: I'm writing this from NZ , than we head to Vietnam, followed by New Caledonia, west Australia for Christmas - Japan and Morocco in January. You know, just a nice quiet schedule...

Lisa: We are heading to Morocco and Oman in January (with Emily!) - we are so excited, Morocco is one of our favourite places to go and where we source a lot of things for our business, Blush & Ochre.