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A international woman of mystery and an allure like no other ~ meet Taylor LaShae. Fashion influencer, actress, and it girl, she's our NYC based French-Columbian style crush. We asked her some questions we’ve been wanting to know, keep reading below...
How would you describe your style?

I can only describe it as: feminine. Whether that means a soft day dress with a french accent or a night out with an off the shoulder top and wine stained red lips. Things that whisper delicate and doe-eyed.

Who would you say is your style icon?

This ranges for me in so many ways. There is no one in particular I look at and say… “I want everything they are wearing” because... that isn’t me. I choose to pick certain pieces of style from this person and this person and mesh it together to make me, me. One of them is Anna Karina from the 60’s french new waves movies to a 90’s Winona Ryder. Vibes are everything and there are many, many icons out there. How can there only just be one?

What is your favourite Spell piece right now?

The Rosa Sundress - it’s a long black floral dress with straps that can fall to make it off the shoulder… that dress is not only as flattering as it is lovely... and it has a split up the side that gives that perfect dose of sexy, Miiii favourite one.

What is your favourite travel destination you’ve ever been to and why?

Without a doubt Australia, (and I’m not being biased) haha — my time in Australia was life changing or as y’all call it “legendary”... 6 months living and existing in a place with the coolest people, beaches, and avo smash? It was just… (sigh) all I can say is that it was life changing. I’m in love with every part from Byron Bay to Melbourne… but all my love goes to Sydney... all of it. Australia is number one in my book.

What accessory can you not live without at the moment?

My gold chains from The M Jewellers. I really can’t take them off... I feel so naked without them. Wouldn’t want to part with them.

Best tips on nailing the perfect insta snap

Be as genuine as possible. Catch moments when they are off guard. Add. Music.

Must have beauty products for you right now?

Hemp oil in a glass jar, winged eyeliner - MAC, Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, ‘Book’ perfume by Commodity Goods and Salt scrub lip balm

What made you decide to relocate to New York?

Well. Not a lot of people know this but I used to live in New York for five years before I moved to LA... and I just miss it. I miss the hustle. I miss the noise. In a world where I travel from island to island... and beach to beach (as the addicted summer chaser I am) I prefer to lay smack dab in the middle of the busiest cities. Not only that, it doesn’t hurt to be central to Europe and LA. And if I may add, someone terribly special to me lives in the city and its just that time in my life where visiting oh-so-often just isn’t enough. Relocating back to New York has given me a whole new light on staying on my hustle and there’s no other city that really keeps me on my toes, as this one does.