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Whitney Bearr

Whitney Bearr

Whitney Scherillo is a Cali based stylist, designer and influencer who we've been noticing rocking Spell for a while now!

We adore the sass she adds to every single outfit she wears, mixed with the ultimate California cool girl vibes. We chatted with Whitney on her latest adventures and got to know her better.
How do you describe your style in three words?

Carefree, Bright & “Sunny”

Where did you grow up?

San Clemente, CA

Do you think this influenced your style today?

Yes! Living by the beach infused the carefree part of my style. Every morning I would just throw something on and just put something together, nothing was fussy or overthought. Wear what you want to wear.

So you're a designer, stylist and an influencer in your own right - how do you get the time to do all of this?

Have superpowers! (LOL) No really, a good work/life balance and know when to turn it on and off. I’m always going hard during the day, so at night you’ll find me chilling on the couch so I can rest for the next crazy day.

What is your top styling tip for 2018?

My top styling tip is always sneakers go with anything! So going into 2018 whichever sneaker excites you, don’t be scared to wear it with a dress or something girly.

What is your go to hair product, because we love your hair!

I love a good dry shampoo! I wash my hair only a couple times a week because my hair stays clean awhile. Dry shampoo is an amazing way to add texture and let you roll on until your next wash.

What is your mantra?

Let it go!

If you had a super power, what would it be?

To freeze time! I would love to have more hours in the day to accomplish everything. That would be insane!

What is your favourite Spell piece right now?

I love the City Lights Gown! The colors are amazing and I love the versatility. Throw on for a beach day or brunch.

Favourite flower?

Peonies for sure. I love the waiting game they play before they open, and when they do they’re so pretty! Also, when they’re in season, it’s a fun hunt to find them at the market.