Our Wovens Partner


Shanghai, China


SEDEX, Smeta 2

Number of Employees


Youngest Employee

27 Years Old

They weaved magic with

Xanadu, Jasmine, Kiss the Sky, Gypsiana, Desert Road, Lovebird and Etienne

About the owner

Our wovens partner is a joint venture between entrepreneur Frankie and master sewer, Mr Lin. We’ve been working with Frankie and Mr Lin since 2014 and have built an incredible partnership with them over that time. We visit them for a week every season when Frankie and his team take us through patterns and fits and works with us on refining the designs. We laugh with the team over lunches and dinners and it always feels like visiting old friends.

Their skills and craftsmanship

Over the years Mr Lin and his team have worked on some of our most popular print stories, from Xanadu to Lovebird. They’ve also milled unique woven fabrics like Fleetwood, Island Boho and Peyote. Their master pattern maker, Mr Liu, works hand-in-hand with our own design team to ensure the look, fit and feel of every garment is absolutely perfect.

Our partnership

The Wovens Partner was the very first supplier we collaborated with in China, so it was very important for us to know they aligned with our values. It is a family-run factory with a positive atmosphere and from the moment you walk through the door you can see the pride the small team has for the work they do. One of the other reasons we love working with this supplier is Mr Lin and Mr Liu. They are masters of their trades and are extremely respected. They offer support and guidance as we test new silhouettes, intricate print placements and weaves. They’ve shown us how we can use different yarns to make our designs even more delicate and detailed.